Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Supper - Community Cookbooks - Part 1 - Esther Petersen Wyatt

Before tossing out any old and worn out community cookbooks, make sure that you look through them for recipes from your relatives! My Dad managed to salvage the 1950 Hardy, Nebraska American Legion Auxiliary Cookbook from my stack of cookbooks I had planned to donate to charity! Thank goodness he looked through them first! This cookbook included not just recipes from my family members, but also photographs of them.

Quick Creamed Potatoes and Meat 

Relationship to me: Aunt Esther is Esther Petersen Wyatt, sister of my grandfather, Otto Petersen. About 20 years ago, Aunt Esther was my guide through the cemeteries in Nuckolls county, Nebraska and Republic county, Kansas, to photograph the graves of many of my ancestors.

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