Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorites Posts from 2010

Yesterday, I shared the list of the LongLostRelatives blog posts with the most readership in 2010.

Today, I'll be a bit more indulgent and share the list of my favorite blog posts that I wrote during the year. As expected, most of these are more personal and family-related.

Family Stories and Memories

The Women in My Family Tree - Patricia Landon Kelly Petersen - a tribute to my Mom, who died in 1983 at age 55.

What If Your Ancestor Was an Axe Murderer? - it's always interesting to find those skeletons in the closet. This year I discovered that my 3rd great grandfather killed his daughter and then committed suicide. I know there is more to the story and I need to track down some more newspaper articles on this event from Valentine's Day, 1851.

Success Stories: When the Pieces Come Together  I had some photographs in an album of my great grandmother, Minnie Welch Kelly. By continuing my attempts to decipher the handwriting on the photos and entering numerous variations of a surname in, my work finally paid off when I discovered that her sister Agnes married Clarence Garrigus, which led me to a lot of information on Agnes and Clarence's family.

The Bellinger Family History as Related by John Bellinger - this is the transcription of a letter originally penned by my great grandfather, John William Bellinger, about his revolutionary war ancestors. The family lore doesn't quite match up with what really happened, but it's an interesting story anyway.

Batter Up! the baseball players in my family - if there's a theme among my ancestors, it's farming, carpentry and baseball!

Success Story! Jeremiasen - Petersen immigration record - One of my brick walls came tumbling down once I upped the ante and got the World membership at My Petersen-Jeremiasen family immigrated via Quebec and I was finally able to make the connection to their roots in Denmark. To date, this is my first and only solid jump across the pond to my European ancestors.

Sunday Supper - homemade ice cream - it was fun reminiscing and sharing the story of the Great Ice Cream Scandal of 1959.

If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher - Miss Bess Bowen - not a family member, but a woman who contributed to my education and love of learning - my teacher for kindergarten and grades one and two.

Create Your Own Genealogy Conference - I was a bit jealous of the folks attending the Jamboree in California last summer and was living vicariously through their Facebook messages and blog posts. So I came up with the idea of doing a Create Your Own Genealogy conference using resources and learning tools available on the Internet.

Those were my favorite posts of the year. What will 2011 bring?

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