Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lineup for Who Do You Think You Are is Disappointing

NBC has announced that the new season of Who Do You Think You Are will feature the following celebrities: Tim McGraw, Lionel Richie, Ashley Judd, Steve Buscemi, Vanessa Williams, Rosie O'Donnell and Kim Cattrall.

Hopefully, their ancestors will be more interesting than this group - although Steve Buscemi might provide the most interesting show (or maybe I have him confused with his character in Fargo). And, with any luck, Ashley Judd's sister and mother will not be on the show.

I'll still be tuning it - the star of the show, after all, is family history research.


  1. I would still like to see them throw in a non-celebrity as well, if only to show non-genealogists that everyone's ancestry can be interesting.

    Steve Buscemi is my pick for most interesting.

  2. Tim McGraw has a history that will probably make good tv. I'm curious about Steve Buscemi. Others, I can take or leave, but I'll watch 'em all because they're going to talk genealogy.

  3. Amy - it just hit me who Tim's father is - DUH. Being a baseball fan, that should have registered me with sooner. I'll be tuning in every episode - because they do make you start itching to exploring other family lines and brick walls. I would laugh if Buscemi is descended from royalty or other hoitsy toitsy kin!

  4. I agree, Susan. I love Steve Buscemi as an actor, so hopefully his ancestry is as interesting as some of his characters. The others... well, like Amy said, I'll watch because they're talking genealogy. But there are a couple that I hope don't do much talking at all.

  5. You're right, Heather. The original list that was posted and was published several days ago did not include Gwenyth. She was included in the NBC announcement that came out yesterday. Now, she is what I would at least call an A-list celeb!