Friday, December 10, 2010

Follow Friday: Around the Blogosphere - December 10

I'm sure that some of you will be relieved to know that none of the Advent Calendar blog posts will be included in this week's edition of Around the Blogosphere. Nothing personal, I just quit reading these about six days ago. In between those posts, there were quite a few posts that I would like to highlight:

Deb of Adventures in Genealogy had a good Follow Friday post last week in which she provided links to several genealogical and historical societies - all worth checking out and bookmarking.

DearMYRTLE shared an update of all of the latest newspaper records to

The Saving Stories blog has a nice piece on the history of social media and using it for genealogy.

Ian Kath advises folks to take a break from their life stories on the Create Your Life Story blog.

A story that needs to have a follow-up posted is the Groom is Sick on the Oakland Genealogy Items blog. You've GOT to read this one.

The photo shared by Debbie Parker Wayne on Deb's Delvings in Genealogy is a magnificent comparison between old and new. Be sure to check it out.

These photographs of an Irish famine ship were also quite interesting and emotional as I thought about my ancestors from Ireland. These are from the blog 'On a Flesh and Bone Foundation: An Irish History'

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  1. Great choices. I really do enjoy this feature on your blog. Thanks for doing it.