Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interlibrary Loan and my Genea-Angel, Barbara Poole

The story of my first experience with inter-library loan has a new chapter. There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is that the local library was not able to obtain a copy of the book I wanted. The good news is that the Geneablogger Gods looked kindly on me and sent a guardian angel to help me with my quest.

After some exchanges via this blog and Facebook, my blogger buddy, Barbara Poole from Life From the Roots, asked me if the New England Historic Genealogical Society had the book in its library because she was planning to go there Tuesday (today). I searched and sure enough, they have it! I reported back to Barbara with the author, title, the call number and location of the book as well as the pages I was interested in reading.

When I arrived home from work this evening, there was a message from Barbara stating that she had obtained copies of the pages I was looking for. And the copies were attached! WOW.

As I started to download the images, I realized how much information I now have to assimilate about this branch of my family tree.

But even more importantly, it reaffirmed my belief that genealogists are the best group of people in the world.

Thank you, my friend. I hope I will be able to return the favor some day.


  1. Thank you Susan for such a nice write-up. It wasn't necessary. I think we are all angels, you will be mine when you blog about the Expo this weekend.

  2. Excellent Blog on the kindness of Genealogy Angels. Genealogist are some of the most sharing kind people of the world,