Saturday, November 12, 2011

My 128 Ancestors and Still Searching - Surname List

Recently I've been experimenting with some of the reports in the 2012 version of Family Tree Maker software. Something that I really like is how it synchronizes with my family tree database on I had never compiled a listing of my direct line ancestors and found this quite easy to do. From the research that I've done or gleaned from published family histories, my longest line goes back 15 generations.

Beginning with my grandparents and generation 3 (myself being generation 1), here's where I come from:

Generation 3:
Otto William Petersen and Ruby Luella Pecht
William Leroy Kelly and Sina Harriet Bellinger

Generation 4:
Jens Christian Petersen and Karoline Kristine Hansen
Leroy Pearl Pecht and Clara Rosella Laymon
Daniel Kelly and Mary Janice Welch
John William Bellinger and Harriet Emma Landon

Generation 5:
Peder Jeremiasen and Elsia Katrine Laursen
Soren Hansen and Kristine Veddum Nelson
John Crispin Pecht and Amanda Melvina Stover
John J Laymon and Eliza Ann Olmstead
William D Kelly and Mary Casey
Mark Welch and Sarah Conneally
John William Bellinger and Sarah Roughe
Daniel C Landon and Anne Jane McVoy

Generation 6:
Jeremias Poulsen and Mette Christendatter
Laust Laursen and Karen Poulsen
Nels Veddum and Marin Katrina ?
George Pecht/Peight and Rachel Hartsough
Samuel Stover and Elizabeth "Betsy" Kepler
James Laymon and Maria Sloan
Eben Andrews Olmstead and Anne Archibald
Kieran Kelly and ?
Welch and ?
John Conneally and ?
John William Bellinger and Anna Eva Clapsaddle
Samuel Landon and Margaret Schultz/Scholtz
James McVoy and Sarah Larvin

Generation 7:
Povel Madson and ?
John Hartsock and ?
Emanuel Stover and Susanna Price
Andrew Kepler and Anna Maria Kramer
Abraham Laymon and Elizabeth Goodpaster
George Sloan and Mary Storey
David Olmstead and ?
Johannes/John F Bellinger and Ernestina Harter
Andrew Clapsaddle and Maria Dygert
William Landon and Experience Cooke
Jacob Schultz/Scholtz and ?

Generation 8:
Andreas Bernhardt Kepler and Maria Elizabetha Lindamood
Daniel Kramer and Ann Maria Geise
David Olmstead and Rebecca Jackson
Frederick Peter Bellinger and Catherine Webber
Henry Harter and Catherine Piper
William Landon and Mercy Orange
Elisha Cooke and Rebecca Edgerton

Generation 9:
Silas Olmstead and Lydia Sloan
Daniel Jackson and ?
Philip Bellinger and ?
Nicholas Weber and Barbara ?
Daniel Landon and Dorothy Holdredge
William Cooke and Tabitha Hall

Generation 10:
James Olmstead and Hannah ?
Johannes Bellinger and Anna Maria Margaretha Kuhn
William Holdredge and Deborah Elliott
Jacob Cooke and Lydia Miller
Elisha Hall and Lydia ?

Generation 11:
Nathan Olmstead and Mercy ?
Deiterich Bellinger and Barbara Gessen
Hans Kuhn and Catharina ?
Jacob Cooke and Damaris Hopkins
John Hall and ?

Generation 12:
James Olmstead
Hans Bellinger and Anna ?
Michael Gessen and ?
Francis Cooke (Mayflower) and Hester Mahieu
Stephen Hopkins (Mayflower) and Elizabeth Fisher

Generation 13:
Richard Olmsted and ?
John Hopkins and Elizabeth Williams

Generation 14:
Richard Olmsted and ?

Generation 15:
James Olmsted and Jane Bristow

Generation 16:
James Olmsted and Alice Hawykins (or Sorrell)


  1. Just thought I'd say hello, since a couple of your ancestors are also my husband's ancestors, (Kepler-Lindamood and Kramer-Geise.) I guess you connect at Andrew Kepler-Anna Maria Kramer, actually. So far, I don't recognize any of your names in my tree, but our ancestors knew each other quite well, I'm sure, since I seem to have three Mayflower Pilgrims in my tree. This really is a lot of fun, except when looking for people like Anna Maria Geise, who seems to have been delivered by a stork or something.

    Janice in Indiana

  2. Hey cousin. Your Eighth Generation Andreas Bernhardt Kepler is in my direct line of ancestry. He fought in the Revolutionary War as a Soldier in Capt. John Missimer’s Co. 1780. 4th Batn. 2nd Co. Eighth Class Militia. Three of his sons married Kramer sisters. Your line is through Andrew and Anna Maria. Mine is through Andrew's brother John, and his wife Magdalena. (Magdalena and Anna Maria were twins). Andrew was murdered by his son-in-law. John died in a cider press accident. Oh well... at least we survived. Good hunting!

    Reece Kepler, Oklahoma City

  3. Another cousin here....we are related through Daniel Landon and Dorothy Holdredge. I'm from the Land of Lincoln!

    1. I should have added that we seem to have other ancestors in common too.....not just Daniel and Dorothy.

  4. Hello, I am a "Conneally" and Conneally is a Galway name. I was wondering if you traced Sarah Conneally's line back? and if so to where? As I am also trying to trace my family.


    1. I haven't gotten back on Sarah's family. I'm still looking for her immigration record.