Monday, October 31, 2011

A Pioneer Gone - William D Kelly - 2nd great grandfather

A local Nebraska obituary for my great-great grandfather, William D. Kelly, had been elusive to me until last evening. To date, all I had discovered was a death notice in the St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press, a city where he had lived thirty years before his death.

Unfortunately, the digital image leaves much to be desired, but I have transcribed it to my best ability at this time. I also referred to the St. Paul obituary as some of the language was similar. The St. Paul article gave his date of death as February 3, 1896, which, according to the Lincoln Evening News, would have been the date of his funeral.

His railroad contracting work was referred to as being west of the Mississippi in the Lincoln article. The St. Paul article stated his work was west of the Mississippi and south of Missouri.

In genealogy, one always has to keep looking.

Below is my transcription, with a few words still escaping me.


William D. Kelly Dies at His Home Near Greenwood.

William D. Kelly died this morning at his home near Greenwood at the age of sixty-two. The deceased was born in Ireland, and, coming to this country at an early age spent some of his life in the west. As a railroad contractor he was very successful and took part in the construction of some of the principal lines west of the Mississippi. Though a --- adventurous man he was devoted to his home. He was enterprising and progressive -- a typical -- Mr. Kelly’s health had been failing rapidly for several months and the end was not unexpected. He died fortified by the last rites of his church and surrounded by his children. His wife had gone before him several years since. Of his children, his daughters, Mrs. John Fitzgerald, Mrs. M. J. Langdon, Mrs. Ode Rector and his son Thomas live in this city. His sons, Daniel, Michael, John and William Jr live on their farms near Greenwood. The funeral will be from the pro-cathedral at 10:30 a.m. on Monday.

Source: Lincoln Evening News, Lincoln, Nebraska
31 Jan 1896, page 1

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  1. What a wonderful find! Congratulations! Now, to research the new, unanswered questions it raises... and on and on! Keep up the good work! ;-)