Monday, September 5, 2011

Military Monday: They All Came Home

War seems to have always effected American families. Several men in the Petersen family served during World War II. The five Navy men below include one son and four grandsons, plus a Marine, a grandson-in-law, of Jens and Karoline Petersen of Hardy, Nebraska.

From the collection of Joan McAllister

From left to right: Jess Petersen, son of Jens and Karoline Petersen; Leslie Eugene (Gene) Petersen, son of Elmer Martinus Petersen and Hilda Petersen; Kenneth L. Petersen (my Dad), son of Otto and Ruby Petersen; Ralph (Lodie) Salyard, son of Ralph Salyard and Emma Petersen Salyard; Edwin C. Henry, son of Hubert and Katherine Petersen Henry; and Carl V. O'Grady, husband of Doris Salyard O'Grady, daughter of Ralph Salyard and Emma Petersen Salyard.

Our family was lucky - all of the boys came home.

My Dad has his clipping framed and on display.

Dad's medals and dog tags from World War II

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