Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day - Jobs of our Ancestors - Dan Kelly: Stock Breeder

With my heritage primarily in Nebraska, it is not surprising that my ancestors were farmers and raised livestock. My great grandfather, Daniel Kelly, was a large scale stock breeder near Greenwood, Nebraska. He made many trips to Omaha to sell his stock at the Omaha stockyards.

He also had a butcher shop in Greenwood.

Daniel Kelly, Stockman

Daniel Kelly
Butcher Shop


  1. Love the photos of people at their work. I have Iowa relatives listed as Stock Man, as well. How neat to have the photos to go with it. Both are gems! Thanks for sharing!! ;-)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Dr. Bill!

  3. Love your photos, especially the one of the butcher shop - complete with the sawdust on the floor to catch the drips...

    I understand they swept it up each day and replaced it.

  4. Thanks for the comment about the sawdust, Dee. I could see 'something' was on the floor, but didn't know what it was or the reason. You've added to my knowledge bank about butchering! (not one of my favorite subjects).