Sunday, September 4, 2011

Around the Blogosphere: September 4, 2011

Fall means the return of our favorite television programs, football season (maybe for you, but not for me), and also marks the return of Around the Blogosphere here at

Summer activities have made it difficult to keep up with all of the genealogy blogs, but here are a few of my favorite posts from recent blogs:

The story of Sarah Alexander Lawton from On the Trail of Hillhouse by Jan Eloise Morris. I'll admit I'm a bit prejudiced since Jan is a long time friend, but a new blogger. She's a gifted writer and photographer who melds the two into fascinating pictorial essays about her family.

Greta Koehl always manages to bring a smile to my face. She does it again with Things I Don't Care About in Genealogy on Greta's Genealogy Blog. I can also relate to Greta's post Sometimes You Just Need to Clean House.

Hmm. . . is a theme emerging from the posts I've bookmarked as favorites? James Tanner of Genealogy's Star writes about Dealing With the Piles and Boxes - Genealogy in Quantity.

Apparently, I'm in the mood for humor as I also loved Amy Coffin's take on If Genealogists Were in the Tabloids on her We Tree blog.

I posted this link to Facebook, and it bears repeating here. This is a nice video about memories of the North Platte (Nebraska) canteen during World War II - from the Nebraska Outback blog.

Barbara Poole from Life From the Roots has a knack for seeing things through her camera lens. I love the way she shared a painting done by her grandfather at age 80, along with a photograph of the subject of the painting. You must take a look!

I also suggest you take a look at another new blog by a new friend (and potential cousin) of mine, Evelyn Pecht. Evelyn is off to great start in her geneablogging career at IowaGirlMemories. If you're at least my age, you'll appreciate her story about the outhouse!

And . . . the post that has become my Favorite Blog Post of the Year: All I Really Need to Know About Genealogy I Learned in Kindergarten by Elizabeth O'Neal on Little Bytes of Life. This is one I know that I will re-read several times and have it permanently marked as a keeper.


  1. First, thank you Susan for the mention of my small piece. To be included in your list of some of the best blogs in a long time is heartwarming.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Susan. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Seems like everyone needed a little humor this week. Glad it helped. :)

  3. Thank you for mentioning my post, Susan - I knew genealogy people would understand!

  4. Thank you for the mention this week, Susan. Glad you enjoyed my post!