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Land Records and Genealogy Conference - Day 2

Day 2 - July 16, 2011

Yesterday began with me picking up Thomas MacEntee at his hotel and taking the "scenic route" to Beatrice. My perceived "shortcut" through my home town hit a roadblock when I realized the street I had selected did NOT go directly through to the highway we needed to be on! Thank goodness for the GPS, although she made us go in a circle, but we arrived in Beatrice fairly close to our original ETA. And thank goodness that Thomas is a good sport.

Thomas MacEntee
Genealogy Ninja
Once sustained with some hot coffee, the second day of the Land Records and Genealogy Symposium was off to a good start. It was a day with an emphasis on the use of online technology for genealogists.

Thomas MacEntee gave two excellent presentations: Social Networking: New Horizons for Genealogists and Google for Genealogists. Even though I've known Thomas for about a year and have attended many of his webinars and listened to his weekly Geneabloggers radio show, this was the first time I'd heard him speak in person.

Both sessions were excellent and I picked up several new tips that I intend to use.

Thomas is, of course, the force behind Geneabloggers, a member of the Genealogical Speaker's Guild, His business is High Definition Genealogy and one of his many blogs is Destination Austin Family. Thomas' sessions were very well received by the audience and it seemed like a lot of folks had a new insight for using social media for genealogy.

Gail Blankenau gave an outstanding session on Dating and Identifying Your 19th Century Photos. She took us on a trip through fashion history with great ideas on how to narrow down the time frame when photographs were probably taken. Her photo examples were great illustrations of what to look for in our own photographs.

Our luncheon entertainment was provided by Marla Matkin, who reenacted the stories of strong pioneer women. She is available for presentations via the Nebraska Humanities Council.

I was the final speaker of the conference and my session was about Blogging Your Family History: Sharing What You Know. I gave an overview of how blogging can be advantageous to furthering your family history research and making connections with "cousins" who are researching others lines of the family. The second half of my talk was about the technical aspects of creating and designing a blog.

If you heard my presentation and liked what I had to say or learned something new, please write a review and leave feedback for me on the SpeakerMix web site (link below). I would appreciate your comments!

Have you heard me speak?

Giving Back to the Blogging Community

As I stated in my remarks at the conference, I am willing to help beginning genealogy bloggers get started by answering your questions and giving advice, if asked. You can email me at

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