Sunday, June 12, 2011

Searching for Sina - Sina's Little Book of Pictures - Part 3

These are the next two pages in Sina Bellinger Kelly's little book of pictures, circa 1910. Sina's notation on this page identifies the photos as Sina Kelly/Edith Finley. Both of the photographs look like Sina to me. I compared the photo on the right to a photo of Sina and her friends having a pillow fight, and I was quite certain, this is Sina on the right. The photograph was loose in the book, and sure enough, on the back side is written, "Sina H. Bellinger."

So - if the lady on the left is Edith Finley, she and Sina looked enough alike to be sisters. I've never come across a photograph of Sina smiling from this era, so I have nothing to compare it to. The noses look very similar to me. Another clue is that she wrote her name so that it spanned both photos. What do you think?

Sina Bellinger Kelly on right
Sina or Edith on left?

The next photos of Sina's friends are identified as Blanche Leaver Carr and Blanche and Iona Carr. I discovered a 19 year old Blanche in the 1910 census for Greenwood, Nebraska. She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Leaver. Her occupation is listed as Servant.

Blanche Leaver Carr and her sister-in-law, Iona Carr
I also found a newspaper clipping from May 31, 1910 saying that Miss Iona Carr was entertaining for Miss Blanche Leaver. The social column from June 5, 1910 states that Miss Iona Carr hosted a wedding shower for Blanche, who married Ross Carr the following day. Seventeen young ladies were in attendance. Might Sina have been one of them?

I then found Blanche and Ross Carr living in Lincoln, Nebraska in the 1920 and 1930 census.

The 1910 census confirmed my speculation that Iona Carr was the sister of Ross Carr.

More pages from Sina's Little Book of Pictures will be posted soon.

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