Sunday, May 15, 2011

Around the Blogosphere: May 15 2011

The bloggers among my readers already know that Blogger had a big hiccup this week and was down for a couple days. If anything good came from that, it was the fact that the outage allowed me to get caught up on my blog reading. The following are some of the genealogy blog posts that I enjoyed this week:

Jenna Mills of Desperately Seeking Surnames wrote an excellent piece with advice for genealogy trade show exhibitors in My Response to Genealogy Conferences - Selling the Goods.

Mel Wolfgang also joined in the discussion about genealogy conferences with a discussion of the genealogy conference model and some thoughts on the 'money thing' on Mnemosyne's Magic Mirror.

Joan Miller of Luxegen Genealogy and Family History talked about social media in Lessons Learned from Social Media Unplugged.

On the fun side, Travis LeMaster of TJL Genes gave us a quiz: Are You Smarter Than a 60 Year Old? Apparently I'm 60 because I whizzed through this quiz in seconds!

Dan Curtis - Professional Personal Historian always has a great list of weekly picks on his blog.

I've become a fan of Michael Hait through his excellent online webinars. This week he shared What blogs does a professional genealogist read? I discovered some new blogs from his list and signed up to follow several of them.

Cheri Hopkins shared Another Take on Local Museums with a look at the Knight Museum in Alliance, Nebraska on Those Old Memories.

Cheri and her sister-in-law, Ruby Coleman, are off on their annual two-week research trip to Salt Lake City. I enjoyed following them on last year's trip, and you can keep up with them on the You Go Genealogy Girls blog. This week, I got my my copy of Ruby's new book, Genealogical Research in Nebraska. If you are doing any kind of research in the state, this is an excellent resource.

Other recommended reading

Other bloggers also offer their recommendations and weekly highlights. Check their recommended reading lists:

Randy Seaver's Best of the Geneablogs on Geneamusings.

Greta's Follow Friday on Greta's Genealogy Blog.

Elizabeth O'Neal's Best Bytes on Little Bytes of Life.


  1. I always enjoy your take on the week, but you pointed me to several new blogs/resources this week. The question is do I thank you or whine about not being able to keep up as it is? I'll go with THANKS here and whine privately ;)

  2. Susan - glad you discovered some new blogs! As I add new blogs to my reader, I weed out a few of the others. I've also expanded beyond reading genealogy blogs and I'm reading blogs about writing blogs, general writing and public speaking. I often find helpful hints from those blogs as well. But when the reader reaches 600 unread posts, sometimes I just have to clear the deck and start fresh!