Saturday, March 12, 2011

You've Got Mail! - er, DNA!

Last evening, I received a long-awaited email from the DNA testing lab and web site, 23andMe, with the subject header: Your Genetic Profile is Ready at 23andMe!

Last fall, 23andMe offered genetic DNA kits and lab testing at a reduced price, so I thought, "Why Not?" Several of my fellow geneabloggers and I took the plunge, ordered our kits, spit in the tube and mailed in our samples to the 23andMe lab.

Many of my DNA testing buddies started the process much sooner than I did. Once I mailed the sample to the lab, it took about five weeks to receive the results. At this point, what I know is that I am a member of the J1c maternal haplogroup. Already, I'm confused! No doubt I'll be turning to my buddy, Joan Miller of Luxegen Genealogy, for advice as more information becomes known. Joan knows all about this DNA stuff, you know!

23andMe indicates that it will be a few days before the Family Finder feature starts churning out my Long Lost Relatives for me to be in contact with.

In the meantime, I'm glad to know that I am no more at risk for a variety of health issues than the public at large. Although, the results warn me that my habit of drinking a full pot of coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning might not be in my best interest. Perhaps my abstaining from coffee during the week will balance out my risk?

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  1. I thought coffee was now good for us?? (women - but I forget why)

    I can't wait until you get this all figured out - then you can explain it to me! I still haven't taken the plunge because I'm just not sure what I'd hope to learn.

  2. Diana - I just started getting my "family finder" matches - 368 of them so far. I've made contact with a couple people. One woman emailed me all the surnames in her husband's lineage going back 9 generations and none of the match known surnames in my line. We have something like one half of one percent common DNA. As some of the other ladies on the 23andMe facebook group say, the key to the process is patience. I could not begin to explain the science of all of this!

  3. Looking forward to seeing how many cousin connections you have :)