Friday, March 4, 2011

Follow Friday: Around the Blogosphere - March 4

When I was a kid, there was a "brain teaser" going around. The question: What date is a command? The answer: March Fourth! So, I shall March Forth with the list of my favorite posts from the genealogy blogs from the past week.

For whatever reason, I've taken an interest in Jenna Mills' journey in breaking through the brick wall in the search for her great grandmother, Mary Evingham. It's probably because there are some ties to Nebraska. Her recent discovery has presented additional mysteries to uncover. Jenna writes about this in Mary AND Her Daughter Make Me Contrary on Desperately Seeking Surnames.

Many of my favorite posts of the week include images I found fascinating. This article about the TypeMusic company from the Nebraska State Historical Society is interesting as it shows the typewriter that was used to create sheet music. I think having one of these specialty typewriters would have been great fun!

Thomas MacEntee's well crafted post about Genealogy Bloggers Come of Age was a thought provoking piece regarding the impact of the RootsTech conference.

It's not a genealogy blog, but I always enjoy reading about Dick Cavett's memories of growing up in Nebraska in the Opinionator blog from the New York Times. This week, Cavett wrote about his career as a young magician in How Do You Open for a Mind Reading Horse.

Of the bloggers who wrote about the Kim Cattrall episode of Who Do You Think You Are, this post by J. Mark Lowe was one of the best. Mark writes Keeping the Story Alive and was one of the genealogist researchers in the Lionel Richie episode of the series.

Here's another of the "must see" photos I loved this week from Margel at 2338 W Washington Blvd. Make sure you scroll down to see the second photo. In addition to that, I applaud Margel's choice in naming her blog after the home address of her great grandparents.

The Free Genealogy Guide has a great post called Are You Tweeting Your Descendants? While most of us our tracking the paper trail left by our ancestors, this post asks about the digital trail that we are leaving behind for future generations. The Twitter archive of tweets is being turned over to the Library of Congress, so ponder what your image will be to your descendants four or five generations from now.

Jean Hibben of the Circlemending blog did a great post about navigating the National Archives' new web site and locating microfilm records in Riverside California.

Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist has brought back her 31 days of blogging prompts about Fearless Females in honor of Women's History Month in March. Many bloggers are picking up on this series and writing some great posts about their female ancestors. I'm writing on several of these prompts throughout the month of March.

Biff Barnes ponders the difference between a chronicler and a historian on his Stories to Tell blog.

More photos I enjoyed this week are from the Forgotten Old Photos blog. I love the premise of this blog. The author, Far Side of Fifty, locates old photos that have some kind of identification information on them - whether it be names of people or places. The photos are posted in hopes of getting them back into the hands of family members. There have been many successes that are reported on the blog. This is a very worthy activity that perhaps more of us should do as we visit the antique malls, garage sales and auctions.

Since Belleville, Kansas is where many of my ancestors lived, I'm pleased to share this post from the Belleville Library summarizing a new Kansas research resource at the Kansas State Library web site.

This video is not genealogy-related, but The String Beans sing a whimsical tune about many of the things that made Nebraska famous. There were a couple things I wasn't even aware of before!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Now I know why I was getting some traffic from your blog. There are just too many wonderful blogs for me to keep up, but I always look up the recommended posts. I will have to check out your new Kansas resource since many of my ancestors on my father's side of the family were early pioneers in the Frankfort area, and I have only scratched the surface in researching them.