Friday, February 25, 2011

Genealogy Webinars Making Your Head Spin?

With the topic of webinars on the agenda for tonight's Geneablogger Radio show, I'm certain that Thomas MacEntee will be talking about the new blog and webinar calendar, GeneaWebinars. There are so many opportunities for online genealogy webinars these days. Among some of the best are from Legacy Family Tree. Now the Southern California Genealogical Society has announced that many of the sessions from the upcoming Jamboree will be available in the webinar format so those of us who don't attend the conference can make use  of the genealogy education experience.

My head spins from the idea of trying to keep up with all of these opportunities for classrooms in your home! I emailed Thomas MacEntee earlier this week and asked if Geneabloggers could provide a master calendar of all of these events. Well, he told me that DeartMyrtle (Pat Richley-Erickson) was already on top of such a project. GeneaWebinars showed up with a Facebook page yesterday. And this morning, the GeneaWebinars blog is now officially launched!

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