Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are comes to DVD March 15

If you didn't get enough of Season 1 of Who Do You Think You Are (US edition) on tv or online, it is being released March 15, 2011. List price is $39.99, but has it available at a pre-order price of $27.99. There are 2 DVDs and the running time is 293 minutes. I haven't found out yet if there are any extra features. But based on the running time and the number of episodes, it would appear not. If you have information to the contrary, please post in the Comments section below.

I've ordered this because I can easily watch the series 2 or 3 more times - for inspiration. And it gives me something to do when I'm frustrated by a brick wall. After I've had my fill, I'll donate the DVD to either my local genealogical society or city library.

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