Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Removing Unwanted Comments from Ancestry.com tree

I have to give credit where credit is due. This tip comes by way of Linda McCauley of Documenting the Details who came to my rescue on Facebook last weekend.

I had been ranting a bit about novice users on Ancestry.com attaching my family to theirs when it is obviously not the same family. Then some people began leaving comments on the my family member's profile pages that were either incorrect or misleading. I posted a message on Ancestry's Facebook wall stating there needed to be a way to remove posts that I did not want on my tree. Along came Linda with the "how to" of doing this. Since others had commented that they wanted to know how to get rid of such Comments, so I thought I would share that information here.

Above is an example of Comments that have been made. As you can see, there's no way to delete the comment from this screen. If you click on one of the comments or on the View all comments option, you will see this screen:

It appears there is not an option to edit or delete the comments. However, that feature magically appears once you roll your mouse over the area to the right of the comment title. Then you see this:

It's pretty simple once you know where to look. I just don't quite understand why the Edit and Delete options have to disappear. This is a fix that Ancestry might want to take into consideration.

Thanks again to Linda for sharing her expertise. I have now deleted all of the unwanted comments from my tree!


  1. Thanks to you and Linda for this helpful post! Have the same problem with several comments. Great job coming to the rescue.

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