Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Margaret Petersen Henthorn

Margaret Petersen Henthorn

Death Takes
Mrs. Henthorn

Mrs. Earl H. (Margaret P.) Henthorn, 43, a Centralia resident, died Tuesday in a local hospital. She was born July 28, 1913, in Hardy, Neb. The family home is at 815 West main street.

Survivors, in addition to her husband, are her mother, Mrs. Petersen, Hardy, Neb.; four brothers, E. M. Petersen, Hardy, Neb., Jess Petersen, Lincoln, Neb., and Marvin Petersen and O. M. Petersen, both in Iowa, and three sisters, Mrs. Emma Salyard, Mrs. Joe Wyatt and Mrs. Hubert Henry, all of Hardy, Neb.

Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, at the Sticklin chapel in Centralia. Rev. Fred T. Lucas will officiate, and interment will be in Greenwood Memorial park.

Source: Daily Chronicle, Centralia, Washington, August 10, 1955.
Relationship to me: grand aunt (sister of my grandfather)

Errors in obituary: Her brother (my grandfather) was O. W. Petersen, not O.M. Petersen. He lived in Lincoln, Nebraska at the time of Margaret's death, not in Iowa.


  1. I find it interesting and "a sign of the times" that they often put the family's address in the obituary. We wouldn't dream of that today. However, it sure helped me pinpoint where someone was living when they died.

  2. Liz - I think that newspapers started eliminating the addresses in funeral listings because homes were being robbed while the funeral was going on. It's a different time we live in these days.