Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Supper - Community Cookbooks - Part 3 - Ethel Pecht

Before tossing out any old and worn out community cookbooks, make sure that you look through them for recipes from your relatives! My Dad managed to salvage the 1950 Hardy, Nebraska American Legion Auxiliary Cookbook from my stack of cookbooks I had planned to donate to charity! Thank goodness he looked through them first! This cookbook included not just recipes from my family members, but also photographs of them.


Relationship to me: good question! There are two women named Ethel who married different Pecht men in my family. So - this is either Mrs. (Ethel May Lewis) Jesse Pecht or Mrs. (Ethel Mae Strickland) Max Pecht. The confusion doesn't stop there. Max Pecht's mother is Ethel May Lewis and his wife is Ethel Mae Strickland. Perhaps one of the other relatives can help me sort this out!

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