Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Reason to Blog About Your Family History

Earlier this month, I posted an obituary on Agnes Welch Garrigus, who was the sister of my great grandmother. They were the daughters of Mark Welch and Sarah Conneally, who lived in Waterbury and Litchfield, Connecticut. My great grandmother made her way to Nebraska and Agnes remained in Connecticut, married and raised a family.

The obituary included a reference to Rev Roy G. Pavy, who conducted Agnes' funeral service.

Shortly after posting the obituary I heard from my fellow blogger, Barbara Poole, who writes Life From the Roots. Rev. Pavy is in her family tree. Barbara wrote about this in her blog today.

Many of us who blog about our family history and who are part of the genealogy blogging community subscribe to many blogs written by our colleagues. When I see that 300 new blog posts have accumulated in my Google Reader over a day, I often think that I'm too tired to go through all of them and am tempted to mark them all as having been read and start over again. But I don't. The reason why is because of what happened when Barbara read my post. There is always that chance that another blogger is writing about an affiliated family and maybe, just maybe, that little tidbit of information, that little gem, that little clue that has been elusive for so long might show up in my Reader.

No, I do not read every blog post that shows up in my reader. But I scan through each and every one of them. Why? Because I believe in synchronicity. I know that there is always a chance that some long lost relative or other researcher is going to share that little piece of information that I'm looking for to add to the tapestry of my genealogical quilt.


  1. I enjoyed our chance meeting. You just never know what you will come across while reading posts. All blogs have the ability to hold the key to a piece of a puzzle for somebody, and it could be you or me.

  2. Such a nice story. And you're so right!

  3. I concur! You never know what format a new nugget of information will come in. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Barbara and Susan,
    Two of my faithful friends.
    So happy this came out this way!