Sunday, January 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History - Week 3: Cars - Part 2

While browsing through my photo archives, I found some more pictures to add to this topic. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide the make or model of the vehicles.

Daniel Kelly of Greenwood, Nebraska

Paul Kelly of Greenwood, Nebraska
son of Daniel Kelly

Sylvia Pecht Ralya and Claude Ralya
son Donald Ralya

A whole bunch of Petersens
Nuckolls County, Nebraska

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  1. Check out my cars post - there's a site mentioned that you can contact to ID vintage vehicles, although they may concentrate on UK cars
    Rick was very helpful with my post

  2. Imagespast - it was YOUR photos that made me go dig mine out to post here. Loved your pictures.

  3. LOL Susan - well, Rick may be able to help identify the cars in your pics too. Drop him a line :-) look forward to your next post,but I think Paul Kelly's car is way cool, whatever it is! Jo

  4. These are awesome! I just LOVE pictures of REALLY old cars.