Friday, November 12, 2010

Follow Friday: Around the Blogosphere - November 12

Yesterday, Veteran's Day, the genealogy bloggers were out in full force honoring the veterans in their family. These posts were full of love, respect, admiration and gratitude for what these men and women contributed to keep our country free.

It is literally impossible to select only a handful of these posts to feature in today's Around the Blogosphere, so I am providing a link to where all of these tributes are assembled via the Geneabloggers news feed. I encourage you to take time to read as many as you can.

Read all posts from A Day to Remember Veterans

Other blog posts that I enjoyed this week include:

Kerry Scott of Clue Wagon asked for help on identifying the use of a "hen in the nest" dish. Many people jumped in with their comments about dishes they had that were similar to this one.

Holly Hansen of Family History Expos did a nice piece on preparing to attend a genealogy conference. The Family History Expo is in Atlanta this weekend, so check out Facebook and Twitter (#fhexpo) for on-the-spot coverage from the Bloggers of Honor.

The Flip-Pal scanner is catching on like crazy in the genealogy community. Maureen Taylor writes about why she loves her Flip-Pal. I love mine, too!

John Reid of Anglo-Celtic Roots offers advice on the many genealogy ebooks available for Kindle. He advises what to watch out for when purchasing ebooks.

Becky Jamison is the blogger whose very personal project touched my heart deeply this week. On her Grace and Glory blog, she shared her project of compiling a family history book for her son and his birth mother. Then she shared the photos of presenting him with the books and his family tree. Becky's love and kindness shows through in these posts. These are the "must read" blog posts of the week. Hats off to Becky!


  1. Thank you Susan, for your kind words and special mention this week. I appreciate you so much. You pointed me to some other really special posts from this week...thanks for being my blog guide!

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    Thanks for the great overview of the week's geneablog posts.