Monday, November 29, 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Pecht Family Bible Part 1

The Bible that belonged to Amanda M. Stover Pecht provided me with the first pieces of information regarding members of the family of John Crispin Pecht and Amanda Melvina Stover Pecht. Since I am now in contact with some of the descendants of Sherman Ellsworth Pecht, brother of my great grandfather, LeRoy Pearl Pecht, it seemed fitting to make this my selection for Amanuensis Monday.

Family Record

John C Pecht was
Born January th19 1831

Amanda His Wife was
Born Oct th 5 1842

Albert B Pecht was
Born Aug th30 1860

Cora B Pecht was
Born July th7 1863

Edmun S Pecht was
Born Jan th4 1866

Infant Sone was
Born May th27 1868

Sherman Ellsworth
Pecht Was Born
September th27
AD 1870

Mira Estella
Pecht Was Born
August th28 AD 1873

Clyde Lester Pecht May 7 1907
Mildred Edna Wischmeier  Dec 8 1912

Leroy Pearl Pecht Was
Born April th28 AD 1879

Lottie May Pecht 1882
Was Born October 29 1882

LeRoy Pecht Born
April 28 1879

Clara Rossela
Born Oct 2 1875
Cole City Illinois
Grundy County

Ruby was Born
May 27 1905

Clyde Born May 7 1907

Cecil Born Nov 23

Mildred Born July 4th

Source: Family Bible of Amanda M. Stover Pecht
Note: Citation on the birth of a living person was cropped from the image and not transcribed here.
Relationship to me: Leroy Pecht and Clara Laymon Pecht were my great grandparents.

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  1. Susan, you are so lucky to have a family Bible. I bet the other descendants will appreciate this post. With all those names, I bet there are a lot of distant cousins out there, think of all the fun you'll have.