Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Supper - Your Grandmother's Dishes

Many of us may have inherited some of the family china or dishes or maybe just a piece or two. There's a web site where you can possibly find out more information about that odd piece that may have been passed down to you.

I've been a customer of Replacements, Ltd. for several years. It's a company with huge warehouse and showroom facilities in North Carolina. My stepmother had purchased some items from them to replace broken pieces. I've done the same, and also completed my china and crystal sets through this company (as well as on eBay).

A few years ago, I flipped over one of the plates in my Grandmother Kelly's set, got the name of the manufacturer and found that the company did indeed, stock replacement pieces for her pattern. I would have used a photo of that for this post, but the dishes are all packed up at the moment and I can't remember the name of the pattern.

If you have some odds and ends, search the web site and see if you can find your family's china pattern. If so, please post your findings in the Comments section below.

Nope, it's not a genealogy web site, but it just might give you some insight to those dishes that your family has eaten Thanksgiving dinner on for many generations.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Replacements, Ltd., just a long time satisfied customer.

10/25/2010 UPDATE: You can get a "Featured Dinnerware of the Week" gadget for iGoogle:

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  1. Hi - I LOVE Replacements! My mom's current pattern is no longer made and one year for Christmas we got her some replacement pieces as well as some serving pieces that she'd always wanted.