Monday, October 18, 2010

Madness Monday - Dan Kelly "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore"?

Daniel Kelly
Greenwood, Nebraska
Until a few years ago, I believed that my great grandfather, Daniel Kelly, had three siblings: Mary, Michael (M.C.) and Nellie. As I continued my research, I learned of four other siblings, William Jr., Margaret, John and Thomas.

Reading the local newspaper articles sometimes makes me think that members of the Kelly family spent more time in court than they did farming and raising livestock!

The following newspaper report on one of the many lawsuits involving the family provides some insight regarding the opinions of Dan about his brother Thomas, and may be why I had never heard about some of Dan's siblings before.

Judge Waters yesterday listened to a hearing on objections to the report of Thomas E. Kelly, administrator of the estate of W. D. Kelly, who was a brother of Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald. Mr. Kelly has not filed a report in county court for a term of four years and the attorneys for the various heirs scanned it closely and filed a string of objections. Considerable feeling was shown during the trial by some of the brothers. Dan Kelly, who lives near Greenwood in the course of the hearing had occasion to use the words "---- rogue" with some emphasis in open court. Judge Waters informed him that if he used the word "damn" or "rogue" again in open court he would be sent to jail. The matter was left with the understanding that a final report will be filed.
Source: Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska, March 21, 1902


  1. I love finding the details like that that add definite colors to our ancestor's personalities. A fun Monday morning read!

  2. Oh, goodness, this reminds me so much of one of the families I am working on right now (not the big Moore lawsuit that I recently wrote about, but the Floyds) - getting sued, suing others, and especially suing one another. I am just wondering if there is a single one of them that didn't sue all the others at one time or another.