Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking for the Details in Photographs

Paul Daniel Kelly - and who else?
Over the last 30 years I've looked at this photograph of my grand uncle, Paul Kelly, hundreds of times.

Recently I opened the digital file of the scan of this photograph and I was quite surprised by what I discovered. There are two women in this photograph! Can you find them? Click on the image to see the High-Resolution scan. It's a little bit like Where's Waldo!

Mystery Ladies behind the Tree
Today's photo editing software allows us the opportunity to dig deep into those family photos. High definition scans can be enlarged to the point of being able to examine every detail. You never know what you might find, so always look very closely at those old photographs.

If not, you might not be able to see the ladies for the trees!


  1. Great post. Such an important reminder for everyone to scan and enlarge their photos. What a wonderful surprise.

  2. Agreed..every person adds an element and a possible story to every picture.

  3. There's so much we missed before we could enlarge photographs easily. Details of every kind - people, backgrounds, the wallpaper in Gramma's kitchen.... It's fun that you found the ladies. Do you know who they are?