Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Casey Kelly

Mary Casey Kelly was my great great grandmother. She was born in Ireland and married William D Kelly shortly after both arrived in the United States. The marriage probably took place in either New York or New Jersey. They then moved west to Elgin, Illinois, where their two oldest children were born. From there, they went to St. Paul in Ramsey county, Minnesota. In 1864, they were on the western expedition led by Captain James Fisk. After an altercation with native Indians in the Dakotas, the train came east again. William did not want to return to St. Paul, so the family settled in Omaha, Nebraska; later to Council Bluffs, Iowa and eventually to Greenwood, Nebraska in Cass county and the adjoining Mill Precinct in Lancaster county, Nebraska.

Kelly tombstone, Calvary Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska

Finding Mary and William's tombstones was a turning point in my genealogical research. I discovered Mary's birth and death dates, her maiden name and confirmation that she was the wife of William.

Sadly, William does not have an inscription on the marker, however, his grave is marked by a stone reading "Papa" next to Mary's that reads "Mamma".

The details of Mary Casey's life -  she was married to William Kelly; born November 12, 1830 and died November 6, 1886.

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