Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nebraska State Genealogical Society meeting a success!

The 33rd annual conference of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society was held in Norfolk this weekend. Excellent sessions providing tips for finding your long lost relatives were given by Paula Stuart-Warren. Paula was a captivating speaker who held everyone's attention for two full days. Jeff Kappeler of the Nebraska Humanities Council presented an informative and entertaining lecture on what life was like for our immigrant ancestors.

The conference ended with a trip to Prospect Hill Cemetery for a demonstration of grave witching by Judy Carlson. With her two copper rods, Judy showed how she is able to determine the location of graves, if the deceased is male or female, and sometimes, the age of a child. I'm not one of the skeptics and I believe everyone found her demonstration quite interesting!

Judy Carlson demonstrates Grave Witching at the Prospect Hill Cemetery in Norfolk, Nebraska. Behind her (light green pullover) is conference speaker Paula Stuart-Warren.

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