Wednesday, April 28, 2010 website launches today

The following is a News Release from is a new genealogy bookmarking site for genealogists and hobbyists to share blog posts, articles, news and other information with each other. Launching today, the site has a similar purpose as many popular online social news sites, but it is focused exclusively on family history and genealogy. is entirely free for users.

Submit Stories for Others’ Benefit and Read Articles Deemed Helpful
Articles are published at by members who read a useful article and “Submit” it to the site. At launch time, the content also includes RSS feeds of top-rated genealogy blogs. As articles are submitted, users vote for the stories they like best. Stories with the most votes are moved from “Upcoming News” to “Published News” on the home page.

To read the posts that are most popular in the genealogy world, visit the home page. Or for Genealogy News, Help for Beginners, Genealogy Blog posts, information about Conferences, or other topics, just select your desired Category to read relevant information.
To discuss a specific area of interest with other genealogy enthusiasts, visit the Groups page and select your desired topic, or create your own.

Why Build simplifies the process of finding helpful genealogy-specific articles. Read what you choose: top-ranking articles or all the current news. also helps readers find blogs with relevant information. At, you’ll see a snapshot of each article. To read the full content, link to the story itself. You’ll then be able to navigate through the writer’s own site and see other information they’ve published.

About the Developer, was founded in 1999 by Alan Eaton. The company is focused on providing valuable internet services to all genealogy enthusiasts. The company’s flagship site,, is focused on matching and merging all of the separate family trees created by genealogists into one single unified worldwide family tree. is an entirely separate web site that enables members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to quickly and easily identify ancestors needing temple work. is privately held, based in Springville, Utah and has approximately 35 employees.

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