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Dr William D Kelly of St Paul Minnesota

Dr. William D. Kelly of St. Paul Minnesota

Dr. William D. (W.D.) Kelly was one of three brothers who were physicians in St. Paul, Minnesota in the time frame of 1890 - 1955. They were the sons of Daniel William Kelly in the previous post.

Dr. William Daniel Kelly (W. D. Kelly) was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 1, 1864. He practiced medicine in St. Paul from about 1895 until at least 1938.

Dr. Kelly's listing in the St. Paul city directory
What doctor has office hours on Sunday these days?!?!

He was the son of Daniel W Kelly (hotel and saloon proprietor and later involved in real estate) and Mary Collins. He lived in several different residences on Summit Avenue in St. Paul.

From all of the census records I've reviewed, he never married. Siblings were Nellie Kelly, Mary-Minnie Zieta Kelly (wife of Congressman James Manahan), Daniel Kelly, Bridget Kelly, Ursula May "Bird" Kelly, Jane/Jenny Kelly, Dr. John V. Kelly, Dr. Paul H. Kelly, and Margaret Kelly.

Copy of obituary sought

I've discovered two death records in Ramsey County, Minnesota for a William D. Kelly - one is April 7, 1940 and the other is December 21, 1943. Hopefully those dates can be a guide to locating an obituary in one of the St. Paul newspapers. The "other" William D. Kelly who was a contemporary in the St. Paul vicinity was shown as a farmer in census records, so perhaps that can help differentiate from the W. D. Kelly I am researching.

Information on the location of the cemetery where he is buried would also be welcome. I would speculate it would likely be in a Catholic cemetery. I've accumulated quite a bit of information on this family that I would be glad to share with other researchers. Thank you to anyone who is able to assist with this request.

UPDATE: An obituary for Dr. Kelly has been discovered.

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