Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daniel Kelly Candidate for County Commissioner

As I continue to focus on the Daniel Kelly family and descendants of St Paul, Minnesota, I have come across this newspaper clipping from the St. Paul Globe of September 14, 1902.

The article reads:

Daniel Kelly, candidate for renomination on the Democratic ticket for county commissioner, is one of St. Paul's respected citizens; came to St. Paul July 5, 1856, and shortly afterwards commenced contracting in company with his brothers in building roads, etc., and later in supplying the frontier forts and Indian agencies. This business was continued for some years and many times attended with great peril. He is in the real estate and insurance business, offices 418 Pioneer Press building. Mr. Kelly was secretary of old Hope No. 3 volunteer fire department for five years. He is a territorial and junior pioneer.

Mr. Kelly is now county commissioner, filling the unexpired term of the vanquished George B. Whitehorne. the honorable city council appointed Mr. Kelly last October. His efforts at all times are in behalf of the taxpayers and economy, with fairness in all matters. He is a man of great executive ability, diligent and active in all county manners, and with his knowledge in real estate values is of great importance.

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