Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obituary for Evelyn Gibbons of Atlantic Iowa

The Social Security Death Index has an entry for Evelyn H Gibbons who died March 26, 1995 in Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa. I am seeking a copy of an obituary to confirm if this is the same person as Evelyn Bellinger Gibbons. The family of the person I am seeking includes husband, Clifton M. Gibbons; children: Beverly Lu Turner, John Harry Gibbons and Bernie Lee Gibbons. I would appreciate any assistance in verifying this information. Thank you.

Evelyn Bellinger Gibbons


  1. This picture is of Evelyn Gibbons. I am her Great Granddaughter, I live in Washington State, John was my Grandfather, His oldest daughter Cheryl is my mother. I am now starting my family history search. If there is anything we could share I would be more than happy to help.
    Our email address is.

    B. Miller

  2. This is my Great Grandmother also.. Her son, Bernie was my grandfather and I am the daughter of his oldest daughter Sheila. I live in Blair Nebraska, but originally I am from Council Bluffs Iowa. This is an amazing website. Thanks for all your work and interest in our family history. It is amazing to think about connecting with distant relitives and learn about our ancestors and what memories and stories we have heard be passed down.
    I'm looking forward to researching and reading your entries.
    Brittney Gunderson,

    1. Hi Cousin Brittney! I'm so glad you discovered my blog. Your Mom connected with me on Facebook yesterday, so now I have both of your email addresses and I'm hoping we can get together in Omaha sometime soon to visit and compare notes.

      I got bit by the genealogy bug in the 1970s, and it was via another cousin in California who was searching for our Bellinger ancestors.

      I have two photographs of Evelyn and Clifton; one of them with the three children; and one of the three children alone.

      I started doing the blog as a way to publish "looking for" queries in the hopes that other cousins might find me. And it has happened!

      I'm hoping to get in a trip to Omaha soon - but it's got to warm up into the 50s or 60s before I want to get on the road again! I'm in Lincoln, so it's a quick drive.

      Thanks again for visiting the site and leaving a comments.