Saturday, December 19, 2009

Obituaries Wanted for Russell O Pecht and Zona Pecht

I've come across some more long lost relatives who I would like to find some more information about.

Russell Pecht was born October 3, 1893 in Nebraska, the son of Sherman Ellsworth Pecht and Vianna Liversa Ward.

If I have made the correct connections, he was an airplane mechanic who at one time worked with Wiley Post and was killed when the plane he was in crashed into two homes in Lima, Peru on Christmas Eve, 1935. He and the pilot were taking the plane on a test run when it crashed.

His widow was named Zona who was born in Nebraska on July 11, 1890. She continued to reside in California after Russell's death and she died November 7, 1974 in Long Beach.

I would like to locate obituaries on both family members, find out if they had any children and the names of Zona's parents.

Are you a long lost relative of these Pecht family members? Let me know by commenting below.

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