Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nellie Kelly Rector - Mrs. Ode E Rector of Lincoln, Nebraska

Below is the only photograph I have of my great-grandfather's sister, Nellie Kelly Rector. Also in the photo is my great grandfather, Daniel Kelly.

Nellie Kelly was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in April 1871, daughter of William D. Kelly and Mary Casey Kelly. She was the youngest child in the family. She was married to Odin Ellis Rector, known mainly as Ode E. Rector. He was a Lincoln druggist for many years. As far as I can determine from my research, the couple had no children.

For many years, the Rectors lived at 415 South 15th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. At different times, the home was occupied by Nellie's sister, Mary Kelly Fitzgerald, widow of John Fitzgerald. Later on, it would be the home of Mary and John's granddaughter, Ruth Fitzgerald and her husband, L. R. "Lum" Doyle. The home was demolished at least 30 years ago to make way for one of the parking garages for the Nebraska State Office Building. The sychronicity of the fact that I park in that garage every work day is not lost on me!

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