Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sentimental Sunday - My search for long lost relatives

One might wonder why I would want to have yet another blog and domain Long Lost when I already have information posted on and its affiliated sites as well as the relatively new social networking site Genealogy Well, when you're obsessed with seeking information on hundreds of long lost relatives, you never know how you might get in touch again. The Internet is a vast and amazing repository of information and each day millions and millions of searches are conducted. My hope is that some of those searches will point some long lost family members in my direction and we will be able to share information on our families, and perhaps some photographs and other documents.

Some of the primary family surnames I am researching are: Beal, Beale, Bell, Bellinger, Cagney, Casey, Clapsaddle, Conneally, Doyle, Fitzgerald, Kelleher, Kelly, Landon, Langdon, Laymon, Loder, Manahan, Pecht, Petersen, Stover, and Welch.

In addition to these names, I have hundreds of other surnames who have married relatives - or relatives of the relatives. When I come across documents or articles about someone who ends up in my family tree, I save it (on so that, hopefully, I am able to save some other researchers some time and effort. I know that the work of others has definitely aided my work over the years.

United States locations where my primary research focuses are Nebraska (Lancaster, Cass, Gage, Nuckolls, Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders); Minnesota - St. Paul; Missouri; Kansas - Republic County. But I have discovered that while the families were in these locations for many years, they eventually spread out to nearly every state and I have found some family members in the west coast in Washington, Oregon and California.

I definitely look forward to hearing from other Long Lost Relatives and hope that we can, together, put together this ever growing patchwork of family history.

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