Saturday, May 8, 2010

Did our ancestors twitter?

Those community columns in the old newspapers that told of the day-to-day events in our ancestor's lives really weren't that much different from today's twitter and facebook pages. As I was researching some newspapers this morning, I came across several items that started to read like a twitter feed, so I thought I would share.

Lottie Stover

Programme for Teachers’ Association in Belleville, KS
Method of teaching spelling; paper – G. M. Culver. Discussion led by Miss Lottie Stover
January 27, 1887

Republic - Miss Lottie Stover spent Sunday with her parents in this city.
March 7, 1890

Republic City - Miss Lottie Stover of the Hardy schools spent Sunday with her parents here.
April 11, 1890

Miss Lottie Stover is visiting with the family of her uncle, S. G. Stover
June 27, 1890

Miss Lottie Stover and Miss Barter, of Republic City, visited with Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stover Tuesday
July 3, 1891

Miss Lottie Stover was over from Republic City Thursday last. Mamie Stover and Nettie Stout went home with her to spend a few days.
July 24, 1891

Republic - Miss Lottie Stover came home last Saturday.
May 7, 1897

Miss Lottie Stover has returned from St. Joseph.
September 17, 1897

And the last item:
The news was received here Wednesday of the death of Miss Lottie Stover of Republic, which occurred Tuesday at the hospital in Hot Springs where she had gone for treatment. She was a most estimable young lady and the news of her death will be a great blow to her relatives and friends.
May 31, 1907

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