About LongLostRelatives.net

When I started my LongLostRelatives.net blog, my initial intent was to post some query type messages in hopes of locating other living descendants of common relatives. I quickly discovered that Google picked up the blog posts and that I might have a chance at connecting with long lost relatives who might be doing traditional web searches on the names of family members, but who might not be involved in family history research.

Then I began posting some of the discoveries I'd made during my family history journey - stories about the ancestors and other family members that I found intriguing. My natural instinct from my journalism and writing background has always made me want to share information with other people. As I had some genealogical success stories, I thought it might be fun to share some of those, not only for possible family members, but as tips or inspiration for other family history researchers.

So many of my pioneer ancestors settled their roots in Nebraska soil in the mid to late 19th century, so I feel extremely fortunate to live within a couple hours' drive of where many of them lived and worked. Some of the homes and buildings that were a part of their lives still exist.

As a Nebraskan, I also wanted to share information about opportunities for genealogical research and conferences in my native state. The events calendar for genealogy and Nebraska history events in the state is, I believe, an important feature of my blog. Access this calendar here.  I encourage local societies, museums and historical groups to submit events to include the calendar. Email me with the details of your event.

How I got started in genealogy