Saturday, May 23, 2015

NGS Conference Summary - Part Four

At this point, I have covered the sessions by the people I felt were the genealogy Rock Stars at the conference of the National Genealogical Society (NGS): John Colletta, Judy Russell, and Crista Cowan. Their presentation style really showed their passion for family history research.

Other presentations I attended also had value for me as a genealogist and researcher.

Jordan Jones - President of NGS and a Facebook friend. I attended his session on Evernote for Genealogy. I'm a user of Evernote, I'm a long time fan of Microsoft OneNote and continue to use it several times each week. I suppose we all like what we are used to. I shall continue to use Evernote to save documents, but OneNote shall continue to be my note-taker of choice.

Terry Koch-Bostic - I attended the luncheon at which Terry spoke about intuition and genealogy success. I definitely resonated with her remarks as I often rely on my spirit ancestors to help me with research or locating graves in cemeteries. Genealogy Serendipity might not be everyone's cup of tea, but Terry's remarks were definitely within my wheelhouse.
Meeting up with Barbara Mathews

Barbara Mathews is a longtime friend on Facebook and I attended her session about lineage society documents. I have ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War and Civil War. I'm not sure if joining a lineage society is in my future, but if it is, I know who my mentor will be!

Patricia Jordan Roberts did a session on self-publishing via LuLu which I really enjoyed. I have several writing projects that I would like to self-publish and her session provided me with many ideas.

Julie Miller's session on planning your Digital Afterlife opened my eyes to some additional things I need to do to take care of my "stuff" after I'm gone. Have you added a "Digital Life Memoradum" with your will and "laundry list"?

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