Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meeting More Friends at NGS!

The social aspect of attending the conference of the National Genealogical Society (NGS) for me was definitely meeting IRL (in real life) many of the friends who I've know on Facebook and other online forums for several years. Here's a few of the pals I met up with in St. Charles, MO last week!

With Barbara Mathews

Judi Cook and Linda Conroy from LLCGS

With Judy Russell, one of my "Rock Stars"

With Scott Stewart - an amazing photographer!

Some of my dearest friends!
Susan Clark
Diana Ritchie:
Linda McCauley:

More Dear Friends!
Jenna Mills:
Kathleen Brandt:

Another of my Genealogy Gems!
Lisa Louise Cooke:

Karen Krugman -

Janet Hovorka

Allison Stacy and Diane Haddad of Family Tree Magazine

James Beidler:

Kathryn Lake Hogan
Oh, how I love this woman's laugh!

Some of the Nebraska folks:
Me, Mary Campbell, Robbi Ryan, Donna Thomas

Dear Friends from "back home" in Nebraska
Martha Grenzeback and Nancy Archdekin

With Martha G and Nancy A! - my Omaha buds!

The AMAZING Crista Cowan
The Barefoot Genealogist from

Terri O'Connell
Oh, how we connect with those Chicago bands from the 60s!

Definitely one of my fave selfies of the week!
With my Genealogy BFFs!
Diana Ritchie
Jenna Mills

The Lovely Jen Baldwin

Cari Taplin
Who Wears the Pants in YOUR family?

Jamie Mayhew

Julie Cahill Tarr