Saturday, June 11, 2011

Searching for Sina: Sina's Little Book of Pictures - Part 2

Yesterday, I began posting images from Sina Bellinger Kelly's little book of pictures of her and her friends. I am posting the images in the order they appear in her little book.

Flo Ferris
Here is a photograph of Flo Ferris. The age and condition of the little book is obvious and there are a couple photographs that are missing - with no indication of who they may have been.

Jay Parsell
The next page in Sina's book is a photograph of Jay Parsell. I've found some records on that appear to be the same person. I've contacted Ancestry members who have Jay Parsell in their family tree to see if they are interested in having a scan of the photograph.

I believe that doing a little bit of research about the people who are in Sina's picture book may give me some additional insight about her - through her friends.

UPDATE: 23 June 2011: I've just united the photograph of Jay Parsell with one of his living relatives via a family tree on This never could have happened before the internet!

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