Monday, May 16, 2011

Amanuensis Monday: Soda Water Free


Ode Rector has made some substantial improvements in his drug store at Twelfth and N Sts. His soda water fountain particularly is one of the finest equipped in the city. To make the people thoroughly acquainted with his facilities for serving all kinds of drinks, he will, on Tuesday serve soda water and all other drinks free of charge to all visitors to his store; the ladies especially are invited to make their wishes known at the soda fountain. Any kind of drink will be served free. Some of Rector's favorites are Delmonico Flip, Henrietta, Mignonette and pineapple float; if you have never tried any of those do not fail to call for one of them. Mignonette is a very popular drink. Free soda water is a novelty and Mr. Rector's liberality is sure to crowd his store all day Tuesday. The public is cordially invited.

Source: The Courier, Lincoln, Nebraska, May 26, 1894

Relationship to me: husband of great grand aunt (brother-in-law of my great grandfather Dan Kelly)

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