Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lost and Found

Omaha World Herald
November 27, 1920


LOST - Two gold rosaries and a wedding ring; one rosary has name of Mrs. Chauncy Abbott, Jr., on it; the wedding ring engraved "C. A., jr., to M. L. G. F. P. D., October 13, 1909." Were in very small leather pocketbook. Lost on Thanksgiving day, either in Omaha or Lincoln. Liberal reward. No questions asked. Chauncy Abbott, Jr. 840 First National bank building, Omaha, Nebraska.



"M.L.G.F." would refer to Chauncy's wife, Mary Lillian Geraldine Fitzgerald. I don't know what "P.D." would stand for. Any ideas?

October 13, 1909 was their wedding day.

News article about their wedding

Two weeks later, Lillian took her own life.

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