Friday, January 21, 2011

Follow Friday: Around the Blogosphere - January 21

There were quite a few posts from the genealogy bloggers that struck my fancy this week.

Thomas MacEntee wrote on the FGS blog, asking if local genealogy societies are ready for the upcoming season of Who Do You Think You Are. The broadcast of this series offers a lot of opportunities for societies to get some publicity and recruit some new genealogists into sharing our passion for family history.

Posts from James Tanner of Genealogy's Star are becoming regular recommendations here. This week he wrote about the reliability of flash drives.

Marian Pierre-Louis did a nice job explaining how to use lists to manage news feeds on Facebook on Roots and Rambles.

My fellow Nebraskan, Ruby Coleman, wrote an informative piece on the Civil War Veterans Museum in Nebraska City.  If you are planning to attend the Nebraska State Genealogical Society's annual conference in Nebraska City on May 6 - 7, 2011, add a visit to the museum to your weekend plans. Also visit the museum's web site.

Blogging to Write Family History on Generations of Stories is one of this week's best reads.

Many of the genealogy bloggers have been having a good time sharing memories of the cars in their life via 52 Weeks to Personal Genealogy - Cars. Some of the best photos of old cars were shared on Images Past by Jo in Scotland. Browse through all of the fun stories and photographs about our cars - and those of our ancestors.


There were some great photographs posted on the geneablogs this week. Among them:

Mt. Vernon Cemetery in the Snow by Bill West on The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbitt. I always enjoy seeing the photos that Bill posts on his Facebook page.

Over the past several months, Barbara Poole of Life From the Roots has shared many photos that have really resonated with me. Barbara's vintage photos have an amazing way of capturing everyday life that triggers one's own personal memories. I love her photo this week, With Needle in Hand.

I love these cemetery photos featuring a Celtic cross from Over Thy Dead Body.

On the lighter side is The Top Ten Indicators That You've Become a Genea-holic by Larry of Family Roots and Branches. Another good story is Genealogy Wisdom.

Blogs about blogs

Some of my new favorite blogs aren't about genealogy, but are blogs about blogs. It's been nice to pick up some tips from blog writers who are good at their craft and are outside of our geneablogging world. For my fellow geneabloggers, I recommend the following:

The new trend toward electronic publishing was discussed on the Spittal Street blog.

Some of the best blogging advice comes from Ben at Weekly Blogging magazine: Five Things to Include in Your About Page.

Other bloggers also offer their recommendations and weekly highlights. Check their recommended reading lists:

Randy Seaver's Best of the Geneablogs on Geneamusings.

Greta's Follow Friday on Greta's Genealogy Blog.

Elizabeth O'Neal's Best Bytes on Little Bytes of Life.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Susan!

  2. Great suggestions. I agree that James Tanner is becoming a regular must read. He's churning out great stuff.

  3. Thank you Susan for the mention. I think I was working on a Brownie project.

  4. Barb - you may have inspired me to dig out my old embroidery projects to finish - still have some work to do on a cross-stitch quilt. Might be an alternative to so much screen time.

  5. I so totally agree, Marian - everyone of James' posts would make my "best of" list every week.

  6. You're welcome, Bill - I love all of your pics!