Thursday, December 2, 2010

Those Places Thursday: Yancey Hotel, Grand Island, Nebraska

Lincoln Branch Banquet
Stanley Home Products, Inc.
Yancey Hotel - Grand Island, Nebraska
October 4, 1947

This photograph of the sales representatives for Stanley Home Products was taken at the Yancey Hotel in Grand Island, Nebraska on October 4, 1947. To my surprise, this company is still in business today and has been since 1931.

When my parents were newlyweds in 1947, they conducted home parties and sold the cleaning products to housewives in Grand Island and the surrounding communities.

The woman in the hat (with glasses) on the left is my father's mother, Ruby Luella Pecht Petersen (later Baker). The second man from the left, standing, is my father's father, Otto Petersen. My mother, Patricia Kelly Petersen is in the middle (I'm not sure if that's a foo-foo in her hair or if the guy behind her is holding a dusting product). My father, Kenneth Petersen, is to Mom's left, with glasses. All of the Petersens were selling Stanley Home Products in the 1940s!

The Yancey Hotel is not only still standing, but is on the National Register of Historic Places. Located at 123 North Locust Street, the building now houses luxury condominiums and KGIN television.

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