Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photographing Your Family - tips from National Geographic's Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore
National Geographic Photographer
from Lincoln, Nebraska
Lifelong Nebraskan and Lincoln resident Joel Sartore is a nationally recognized photographer who has been shooting pictures for National Geographic for the last 20 years. This morning, he visited with Cathy Blythe on KFOR radio about Photographing Your Family: And All the Kids and Friends and Animals Who Wander Through Too (National Geographic Photography Field Guides), which was published in 2008.

With the holidays and family time coming up, he offers a lot of tips about creative ways of photographing those who are nearest and dearest to you. Joel offers tips for creating photographs that will be meaningful and interesting for generations to come.

Some of his tips:

  • Don't line everyone up in a row staring at the camera.
  • Flash ruins more photos than it helps. If you can't turn off the flash, put some duct tape over it.
  • Look for photo opportunities in everyday life.
  • Do your photographs tell a story about a person's life?
  • Do you have photographs of family members doing their job?
  • Cameras - you get what you pay for.
  • Use soft natural light.

Listen to Cathy's interview with Joel on this KFOR podcast. (please note: KFOR podcasts are available only for about one month).

If you enjoyed this podcast, you might also enjoy Joel's 2007 speech on the environment and nature photography at the E N Thompson Forum lecture series at the Lied Center for Performing Arts. It's also available on video. I was there!

Joel's website:

Visit Joel Sartore on Facebook

When you get out the camera this holiday season, shoot outside the box - try some different angles and perspectives. Let your photographs tell a story about your family.

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