Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Approaching the Lectern: How to Become a Genealogy Speaker - Review

Just released today is Thomas MacEntee's latest contribution to the genealogy community, a 38-page book called Approaching the Lectern: How to Become a Genealogy Speaker.

This little guidebook packs a punch. It truly has all of the tools necessary for someone who wants to add "genealogy speaker" to their resume. MacEntee covers such topics as building your speaker's resume, getting speaking gigs, compiling your presentation and syllabus, as well as addressing the legal aspects such as contracts and fees.

His recommended web site resources are just a click away in the Kindle edition.

MacEntee is well known in the genealogy blog circles as the creator of the Geneabloggers community. He's also known as the social media guru of genealogists.

I met Thomas at the Midwest Family History Expo in Kansas City a week ago and we talked briefly about the genealogy speaker's circuit. One thing that Thomas told me still stands out. He said that in genealogy speaker circles, "there's room for everyone." His second piece of advice was to "determine your niche." The specifics of doing so are discussed in this book.


  • It's a quick read.
  • It's loaded with valuable content
  • Links to web sites and other resources, templates
  • Grade: A
Disclaimer: I purchased this book in the Kindle format. No compensation was received for reviewing this product.

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