Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lancaster County, Nebraska web site - cemetery records may go online

The Lincoln Journal-Star reported last week about the makeover of the Lancaster county web site.  Buried at the bottom of the article is information of interest to genealogists, which states that "villages will be able to place cemetery records on their websites, with the help of free software provided by the county, to help families and relatives find graves and for genealogical  research." The article quotes a county official who says, "They can list all of the people in their cemeteries."

This is, indeed, great news for those of us who are seeking ancestors and relatives in Lancaster county!

The Lancaster county web site has links to the official web sites for the following Lancaster county communities: Bennet, Davey, Denton, Firth, Hallam, Hickman, Malcolm, Panama, Raymond, Roca, Sprague, and Waverly. At this time, the only communities with their own standalone web sites are Firth, Hickman and Waverly. But it's a start!

The fact that someone in county government had the foresight to provide software so that cemetery interments may be made available online is commendable. As genealogists in Lancaster county, we need to encourage these communities to make use of the resource that is available to them. Perhaps the communities are interested in doing the cemetery project but are in need of volunteers. Let's step up and see if we can help!

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  1. That's excellent news, Susan! Thanks for sharing! Now, maybe I can finally find my long-lost Delaney's!