Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Good Ride Cowboy!

I enjoy reading posts by other genealogy bloggers, and a recent post from Genealogy Gems News was about Pretty Little Pony pictures.

Unlike the photos shared in that post, my Kelly family grew up with horses - they were used for transportation, farming and even fun for the kids. So I thought I would share a few of the photos from my family archive.

This is the earliest known photo I have of my mother, Patricia Landon Kelly, at the age of 18 months on Teddy, the family pony that was ridden by Mom, her siblings and visiting cousins. Ted was around until Mom was well into her teens.

Mom later became an accomplished rider. In fact, she told me of her childhood dreams of running off to the circus so she could ride horses!

Here she is in her riding gear, circa 1940s.

Bill Kelly, Greenwood, Nebraska

Here's my grandfather, (Mom's father), Bill Kelly, on one of the work horses.

I remember two of the work horses that were still around when I was a youngster. The family always named the horses, and the team I remember were Babe and Tony.

Grandfather's brother, Paul Daniel "D.R." Kelly in front of the Kelly family home in Greenwood, Nebraska.

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