Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kearney Cemetery records on line

Kudos to the city of Kearney, Nebraska for putting a detailed listing of interment records from Kearney Cemetery online!

The table of records (alphabetized by last name) includes the following fields:

  • Name of deceased
  • Late address (that's what the header says, I think it means LAST address)
  • Interred on Lot Number
  • Space
  • Field
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Interment
  • Age in Years, (Months, Days)
  • Cause of Death
  • Lot Owned By
  • Owner's Last Address
  • Remarks (mainly name of mortuary); some dates of birth

Who would have ever thought I'd find a treasure like this while channel surfing in my Kearney motel room last night? You never know what's going to show up on those public access channels!

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